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This blog is for sharing one of the six loving exchanges between vaishnavas - bhajana katha sravanam alapa - sharing and discussing bhajan topics with devotees.

It is also my humble attempt to follow the instruction my gurudeva would give at the end of every class: take these pastimes and instructions into your heart. Therefore in the hopes that it will make some impression in my heart, I am sharing lecture notes, quotes, book excerpts, and other words from the brahma-madhva-gaudiya sampradaya and vaisnava/is around the world.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sripad BV Madhav Maharaja LIVE classes in L.A.


Here you can catch live streaming classes by Sripad BV Madhav Maharaja, who is currently speaking in Los Angeles.

Classes are at 8AM in the morning, perhaps 8:30, and I believe 6PM in the evening.

Live Video streaming by Ustream

To find classes going on later, go to, search for user name "saci68" and, on that channel page, you will find any live classes going on at 8AM and 6PM.

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