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This blog is for sharing one of the six loving exchanges between vaishnavas - bhajana katha sravanam alapa - sharing and discussing bhajan topics with devotees.

It is also my humble attempt to follow the instruction my gurudeva would give at the end of every class: take these pastimes and instructions into your heart. Therefore in the hopes that it will make some impression in my heart, I am sharing lecture notes, quotes, book excerpts, and other words from the brahma-madhva-gaudiya sampradaya and vaisnava/is around the world.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"The Medicine to Cure Criticizing"

The following is an excerpt from Srila Gurudeva's book, "Harmony":

Anandini dasi: How can I stop myself from criticizing?

Srila Gurudeva: You can criticize yourself, but not others. This is an offense, and bhakti [love] will go away. Be careful.

Vrndavana, India: August 9, 2009

Prakasatma dasa: How can I curb my tendency to always speak prajalpa [nonsense] and criticize others?

Srila Gurudeva: You can do so by always being in sadhu-sanga and hearing harikatha. Pariksit Maharaja had no time to speak with anyone, or to sleep or eat or drink. He was drinking only the nectar of Krsna-lila. Sadhu-sanga is the best medicine. Chant the holy name in sadhu-sanga, and don't associate with persons who are chattering and pattering.

Read books and engage your mind at all times. If the mind is not engaged by you, then it will automatically engage itself in bad things. The mind wants something to eat, so we should give it harikatha - as much as you can hear and chant and meditate on.

Paris, France: June 30, 2009

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