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This blog is for sharing one of the six loving exchanges between vaishnavas - bhajana katha sravanam alapa - sharing and discussing bhajan topics with devotees.

It is also my humble attempt to follow the instruction my gurudeva would give at the end of every class: take these pastimes and instructions into your heart. Therefore in the hopes that it will make some impression in my heart, I am sharing lecture notes, quotes, book excerpts, and other words from the brahma-madhva-gaudiya sampradaya and vaisnava/is around the world.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Less today, sorry! Will edit later.

Quick quote post:

"What is love?
That sacrifice that service is rewarded by more intense hankering for service.
A self-giving attitude. That is the remuneration. It will be increased in us more and more. Your serving tendency will be increased if you work as a slave. The appreciation of slavery will be more intensely at His disposal.

Srila B.R. Sridhar Maharaja

"Self-forgetfulness is of a dynamic characer. Self-forgetfulness in totality demands self-forgetfulness. Then we shall be able to feel the deepest plane; the flow of the deepest plane; that plane of the Autocrat within us.

"Our present ego will not allow us to go to the deeper plane, the most fundamental plane of the irresistible flow. It is so subtle, so sweet, and we can go, we can reach that destination. Nothing can oppose us. We can attain that fundamental flow. Self-forgetfulness is of such dynamic character!"

by Srila Bhakti-Rakshak Sriadhar Maharaja

from Sermons of the Guardian of Devotion, Volume 5: Poetry of a Saint

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